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DiveVolk SeaLink monitor kit

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We're heading for some critter diving in a couple of weeks and I'm thinking about doing some video with my OM-1 and its various video limitations.  I also use a DiveVolk.  The recent thread regarding underwater monitors lost me at LUT (actually, before LUT), so I'm starting fresh. 


As Barmaglot posted a couple of months back, DiveVolk has a device, the $200 "Sealink Contact Type Underwater WiFi Signal Transmitter," which uses the WiFi capabilities of a smartphone and a modern camera to configure the phone as an external monitor--and, using OM Systems's OI-Share (or possibly other apps), as both a external monitor and a camera controller.  Seems pretty cool!  There's a solid review of it by an underwater video guy (Mattias Lebo) on YouTube, and as I already have the DiveVolk housing, it's an easy decision to give it a shot. 


But I do have a couple of questions.  First, has anyone given it a try?  Second, I've seen housings rigged with a bridge between the tray handles which provides a stable mount for a monitor.  Are those one-off items?  Does anyone know a source for them?  I've looked pretty hard to no avail.





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bluewaterphoto.com also sells a version of the tray - I think it's a WeeFine brand - it is part of the WeeFine 7' monitor package.  I'm sure they sell it separately as well.


Please let me know if you try transmitter as I saw the video on it and I am interested too.  I would like to add an external monitor to my OM-1/Nauticam rig as well.  I have been looking at the different options and if this worked it would be the most cost effective and smallest configuration for travel.


Good luck and let us know what you decide.



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Hello Rick,
Unfortunately, I can't help with any experience with the SeaLink Kit. I actually wanted to try it out, but haven't managed it yet.


The idea behind it is certainly a good one, especially because the DiveFolk housing makes it possible to work with any app and there are no restrictions.

I'm just not sure how reliable the connection actually is in water, but you really have to test it carefully.
The topic is very current for me at the moment, I have a monitor housing (self-made project), but since things started going wrong again with certain apps, I've been thinking about a new monitor housing project. Especially with the newer Sony cameras, the connection to apps like Monitor +, Cascable or Sony's own Creators's app via USB-C would be very exciting.

The dream at that moment would be a smartphone housing like DiveFolk has, but with an M14 or M16 socket...

Let's see how committed I am to the idea and the project in the coming time or whether I can find a way to operate a smartphone in a self-made housing that is sufficient.

When it comes to attaching the monitor housing to the housing, a bracket as mentioned by Barmaglot is certainly a possible variant. I have mounted an additional ball on my housing on which I have a 3-pin clamp. From there I go backwards with a short arm and have the monitor directly at the back of the housing. When I'm using a wide angle lens, I turn the monitor up over the housing.


Bildschirmfoto 2024-03-31 um 16.30.10.png


Greetings Tino

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