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Walking Camera to Site: Shoulder Strap?

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Recently had to carry my camera a few miles to the shoot location. Even with the strobes in my backpack it was too much weight to carry holding onto the lanyard. Seems like the lanyard is great short distances but not long distances. It forced me to hold your camera out away from my body because of my viewfinderwhich made it much harder to hold. Thinking something like a long padded shoulder strap might be perfect for this type of application. Something like:




Don't really want to haul a pelican case out there and don't think I want to pack it into a backpack with a dome on it.  Would require a very large backpack and even with a dome cover on it I'd be worried about scratching it but open any any suggestions. Is there a better way to carry my camera to site?

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I often have to hike a little ways to sites and find a shoulder strap like this for carrying the housing very helpful. However, I have had those kinds of hooks break (as has a friend), so I might recommend replacing them with carabiners. 

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I do a lot of shore diving both in Florida and Bonaire. The walks aren't particularly long, but I've found that by using my regular carrying strap(no pic, sorry) and hanging my rig from a chest high D-ring on my BCD with a carabiner works quite well. Once in the water it stays there until my fins are on and I'm ready to submerge. I also did a day of diving with a boat in the keys that would not handle cameras. I did a back roll with the camera attached this way and I found I can climb a ladder quite well using this method. First and only time for that operator. 

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