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Vivid Leak Sentinel v6


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A new version of the Vivid Leak Sentinel, V6, is now available. 

I bought a very early production one and have written a review of it in a recent issue of UWP magazine. See the link  http://www.uwpmag.com/

Sadly not now living in the Caribbean, I’ve not yet been able to install or field test it. I have been able to give it as good a bench test as possible under the circs. 

My own battery testing showed the now USB-C rechargeable battery to last roughly 72 hours  with the valve switched on.  If you setup the night before, it is possible to switch off the LED which I understand will save battery power whilst the system continues to run in the background.

My 5XB had two wires that fed from the sensor to the PCB.  Although this was fairly easy to install, it was the devil’s own work if you needed to remove it and then reinstall  The V6 now has a connector in the cable run which makes this much easier.

I’ve always thought these leak sensors a No-brainer to add to a system. An additional security check for expensive gear and added peace of mind  


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Hi Fritz

I got it directly from Miso. He is hard to reach for sure of late. I had an email from him today as I wanted him to know about Waterpixels. So maybe try again?

If you get no-where, give me a shout - you could have my V6. I'm now back from three years in the Caribbean and, very sadly, not sure how much diving I'm going to be doing. I've not even fitted the V6 into my housing yet. 

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