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I've ported across!


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Hi all,

Thanks for keeping the community alive.  I look forward to the continuation of the group into the next phase!

I am a UK based Scuba Instructor, located in Bedfordshire.  Most of my diving takes place in the (mainly) murky UK waters.  Most of my diving also involves teaching, so my opportunities for taking photographs is somewhat limited.  I do usually get a liveaboard trip most years, and have a few weeks in the pool to brush up my skills and check my gear before I go.  Usually Red Sea or Maldives trips.

My land camera is an old Nikon D90, which I love.  I have never been able to get a housing for it. however, as a reasonable price.  My underwater camera is a Sony RX100 MK7 in a Nauticam housing, with 2 x Retra Primes.  

Lookimng forward to the forum!






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