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Is there a pricing formula for selling old gear?


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Looking for some help please. I have upgraded and want to pass on my old gear - but I dont want to sell it too cheap (or rob my friend either).

Is there a formula or fair way to calculate our old gear?  

It does seem to hold value - but its also only going to age sitting on the shelf...


Gear I want to sell is for Nauticam A7Rii, well used, but in good working order.

- Housing - with vacuum valve

- 18809 180 degree dome (could reuse it but i think I will let it go)

- 37303 N100 to N120 35.5mm port adapter

- extension ring


Lens I have optionally is the Sony 16-35 f/2.8  - i can get 780stg from MPB for that (they charge almost 1200stg for 2nd hand excellent)


Thanks in advance!


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1 million dollar question 🙂


13 hours ago, HCIdiver said:

t does seem to hold value - but its also only going to age sitting on the shelf...


This is the crux of the matter and I am sure that each member has his or her own view.
Now everyone is attracted to the A7R5 and A1 but I'm sure an A7R2 is a great camera that can give anyone satisfaction.


I usually start at 50% of the price I paid for it and then adjust according to the need/want to clear the shelf at home 🙂 how much it is in demand on the market and of course its state of preservation.

I often buy things used. I'm not obsessed with having new items. I also find it ethical. So when I sell I also put myself in the buyer's shoes. Many times the seller does not realise that if the savings are small, people prefer to buy the item new.

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It’s a really good question. My experience with camera/housing for D100/D200/D300 and D800 has been about 30% if I’m lucky of purchase price aer about 3 years if the system was perhaps not more than 2 generations.


That said, I’ve just sold a whole bunch of Nikon lenses and a D5. The lenses ranged from 30% to 80% (the latter for a 300mmFR and a 24mmPC). I’d be embarrassed to say how much I got for a Nikon D5 in pristine condition. I was genuinely horrified. I think I’d be almost suggesting get rid of non-mirrorless fast!

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