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    • Another question:    Is it possible to calculate the range of sharpness with aperture closed to f/22, starting at infinity (or what over water the most distance that can be sharp) with the WACP-C …. Ok just got that I can try myself. I‘ll respond to myself later
    • This would add another 1,8k€ and 1,8kg … is it really that bad?    But in fact I see the point. 
    • Hello As it is mentioned in the title im looking for a mzcro port N85 29   SKU # 36165 Thanks
    • "I wanted to chime in re:acrylic for splits as it is tempting for costs and weight but wouldn't it be prohibitive when you decide to do sunsets? Couple weeks ago I briefly tested used Oly setup I got for a friend no flash no nothing and this came up as split with 140mm fish eye acrylic dome. Granted it was used but in pristine conditions and judging my own Aquatica acrylic I have with GH5S it seems to me that micro scratches are unavoidable with acrylic. Invisible for regular shots but may show with sunsets based on subject...🤷‍♂️"...   => A really important point, I did not think about it (I have only glas domeports so far, no plastic). Would be interesting to know what people, who use both glass and acryl regularily for split shots, say about this problem...     "And second picture just to add to samples - 180mm dome with A1 and aperture 5.6. Seeing samples above I'd say WACP-C is going to be similar? "...   => The outcome looks similar, but in case of the WACP-C sample photos, f/22, an aperture that should give reasonably sharp distant objects in the OW part with FF, was used, not f/5.0 (that gives certainly blurry OW parts)...
    • That's a really interesting insight, RomiK, Thanks.   Those big Matty Smith ports sound brilliant for splits but, yeah, for traveling, nightmare! I did think of one when I was living in Sint Maarten. But then reality kicked in.....
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