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YS D1 strobe reset or firmware update

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I got  a hold of a couple of used YS D1 strobes. One of them has a documented issue after firing on full power it does not recharge and needs the battery removed to reset. I see historically there was some reset/ firmware updates available and I can see some user options for D2 (sequence of buttons) and YS01 (involving magnet) strobes but not anything I can do myself for the YS D1. 

Given it is older kit I'm keen to try a DIY repair. Is there anyone that has a solution? Can a DIY reset or firmware update be done?

Out of warranty and beyond economical repair to go back to Sea & Sea I would expect. I'm UK based.

Any suggestions appreciated. Other than that the strobe looks pretty mint.




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Hi Grant, 

Have you spoken to Kevin at Aquaphot?  He's more than likely seen a few through his workshop at some point and either a) may have some ideas on how to fix or some spares knocking about....notwithstanding that it's old stock.  


Kevin has helped me with a few issues, either fixing S&S stuff or getting answers on my behalf. Try and contact him through 



Other than that, am out of ideas. 

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Posted (edited)

For info


Ahead of seeking support I did a bit of an experiment. One of the strobes cuts out when fired on full with the diffuser on, the other one is consistently fine. With diffuser off the bad one works for a good while in air with full dump.


Submerging in cold water there is no issue at all with diffuser on. Thus there must be a heat sensitivity and the water must be keeping the strobe cool enough for it not be an issue. As I dive cold water I'm going to see how I get on as it may pose no dive situation issues for me. 


For info I have successfully fixed the battery covers where the terminals bend and weaken with parts from RS. If anyone needs that info happy to share.


Now to make some new fibre cables (I'll not start that thread!) I'm comfortable with that.


Very little to take pics of last night in Loch Long Scotland.


Cheers and safe diving







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