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New member bitten by underwater 'bug' in Galapagos

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I'm an experienced on-the-land photographer (mostly wildlife/birds at this point) but a "brand new" underwater one! We went to Galapagos a few weeks ago and I was blown away by the beauty and diversity of the underwater world there. We only went snorkeling.  I took TG-6 in the PT-059 housing and added 2 wet lenses from Backscatter.com (one 80deg and one 90deg).  We got to swim with penguins and sea lions and it was amazing!  Look forward to more underwater experiences.  Eventually I'm looking to upgrade my setup and will be looking for some advice.  


Thank you!


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Hey Mark


Great to have you with us. Welcome to Waterpixels. I'm sure you'll find a wealth of experience on offer through the forum. Members are terrific at sharing their knowledge and expertise - and helping you spend your money!


Best wishes




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4 hours ago, fruehaufsteher2 said:

Hi Mark,

we were thinking about Galapagos, too. Did you go with a specific operator? Can you recommend any? 
Especially freediving/ snorkeling is also our favorite. 





Hi Martin,


We went on Infinity Yacht for 8 days and booked through CNH Tours out of Canada - fantastic travel agency.  There are basically two types of tours in Galapagos: specialized (diving or on-the-land photography) and general Naturalist tours. Since my wife is not an avid photographer I did not want to burden her with photographic tour so we went on a Naturalist one.  They are similar but a photography-specific tour will have you on the islands at sunrise and back from the afternoon excursion at sunset, when the park closes.  General tours have 40-50% snorkeling and 50-60% on-land program (not freediving-specific) and while the visibility is OK but not great the animals are amazing.  


CNH Tours is a great operator and they serve customers all over the world.  We were very happy with everything - the ship, the crew, the program.  Feel free to ask any questions.




2 hours ago, humu9679 said:

Welcome to the forum Mark!


What's the coolest thing you photographed in the Galapagos?

Hi humu9679,


I think penguins underwater.  They were literally inches away from me and one was so curious he was chasing me and pecking the dome on my camera. Amazing creatures and magical experience.



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