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Hello from Portugal


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Hi everybody. Thanks to the waterpixels team for the development of this new location of discussion and knowledge sharing on underwater image.

as I understood, it will not be easy to bring all the legacy from wetpixel forum. It would be interesting if it was possible to bring the “rating” (community reputation) for the members that are moving from wetpixel. This would help to protect the community from “predatory” users that unfortunately will come to this new site.

i am sure the team will be able to think about a secure way to validate this passage (via PM on wetpixel with the user identifying the new user at waterpixels?)


Pedro Alves

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Hey Pedro

We have had long conversations about "legacy". Much though it would be great to get WP materials and info about people, there are all sorts of issues - especially when it comes to personal data.

Got to be honest, I don't think we can do it and the lack of legacy was something we recognised we would likely just have to deal with.


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