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WTB: second-hand closeup diopter(s) in Bali


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Porting my ad from the other side...

This is a long shot, but with the end-of-year holiday season, I'll still give it another try, as it almost worked out.

If anyone coming to Bali in the near-future has a closeup/macro diopter (wet lens) that they're looking to sell, do let me know.

The domestic 2nd hand-market for camera gear is virtually inexistant here, and importing (new or used) from abroad into Indonesia is not an option because of current import duties (cheaper to buy new)

To give more background, I'm getting ready to buy a new lens here in Indonesia (replace a suboptimal +15 I have with a higher quality lens), but would frankly prefer getting a good deal second-hand - by a good deal, I mean quite cheaper than the lens I can buy new here in country.

I'm based in east-Bali but will be coming south a couple of times in the coming weeks, and sale would be in person.

Main diopters I'm  interested in would be:

Nauticam CMC-1

Inon UCL-67 +15, ideally with the front "adapter ring" for stacking

AOI Pro line +18.5 and +23.5 diopters, or diopters of similar quality/strength


Nauticam CMC-2 (really not high priority, but if a it's a really good deal, could be an option for stacking)

Thanks a bunch!


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