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Malpelo Feb 24


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The usual route from the UK, Bogotá followed by an internal flight to Cali - Avianca,reliable and they have numerous flights each day, I always arrive at least the day before  in case of luggage delays.


Unfortunately for us probably the worst sea conditions in the last 5-6 years but the Ferox crew dealt with them very well, crossings both ways especially out were very rough so make sure to bring sea sick pills and patches in case you can’t keep them down. Interestingly I bumped into a guy in the airport who has been out to Colombia fishing numerous times and he said the same about the conditions last week.


The water was very warm (28 degrees) and the usual higher up thermocline in Jan/Feb was not evident, there was very strong current all week on most sites despite the full moon being 2 weeks prior so we had to settle for the most sheltered sites like La Nevera.

The strong winds we experienced on the way out died down and viz improved as the week went on but we still saw plenty as the life is so close. The penultimate day the wind picked up again (20-25knots) sadly forcing us to cancel the last day of diving (21 dives v 24 planned), very unusual conditions and I am sure El Niño is playing a part, a friend on the previous trip had calm conditions and great viz all week….but Malpelo still delivered regardless.


The marine life was fantastic again, even on a ‘poor’ dive there is so much to see, this place has something unique about it. 

Many Galapagos sharks this time and close too, they are simply huge here, Tiger shark and the largest school of Eagle Rays most of us had ever seen (20-30) - we saw them often on Cara De Fantasma.

Odd Hammerheads coming in from the blue and I do like ending the dive in the blue as you never what can turn up but usually if lucky Hammerheads, we saw the schools 3-4 times.

Large schools of Jacks, Leather Bass, free swimming morays everywhere and lots of life in the rocks if you can tear yourself away from the big stuff.


5mm semi dry with a light hood and gloves (a must here) was sufficient and 15 litre cylinders are great (for men anyway) most of the dives are in the 20-30 metre range for the whole hour so extra air helps along with the mandatory 32% nitrox.

The Ferox now has Starlink WiFi while you are out there too.


There is nothing quite like Malpelo and being one of only 12 divers there is so nice, will I return for a third time - absolutely.





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