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Lemon Sharks off Jupiter, FL

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Went to see some Lemon sharks off of Jupiter this weekend. I've only edited a handful of photos, but I think they've turned out pretty well so far. Would love to hear what others think. 


Gear list:

  • Sony a6400
  • Samyang 12mm f/2 AF
  • TRT Electronics s-TURTLE Smart
  • SeaFrogs/Salted Line A6xxx housing with 8" acrylic dome
  • 2x Inon D200 Type 2 strobes


All images were taken at 1/160, f/8, ISO400. Edited for light and color in Lightroom CC. 






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17 hours ago, ChipBPhoto said:

Nice job!  You definitely made some keepers.  


Who did you go out with?  I still haven't gotten out with them and their season here is almost over.

Thanks! I’m happy with how they turned out. I went with Salty Divers. It was my first time with them, and would go back. Smaller boat, space for 8-9 divers, but overall it was a good experience.  


15 hours ago, fruehaufsteher2 said:



been to Jupiter a week ago and went out with floridasharkdiver. Bad weather but surprisingly good!

Nice pics!


Your second shark seems to be a tiger, not a lemon? If you look for salty_soph_ on Insta you can see that they had just a hammer, too.

Thank you! I sat out the third dive of the day (I got too cold on dives 1 & 2) which was on the Jupiter wreck trek, and my group came up raving about the hammer they saw, in addition to the lemons, nurses, and one particularly friendly Goliath grouper. 

As for the types I saw, I’m pretty positive that we didn’t have any tigers on dive 1, but I’ll have to go back and look over the photos towards the end where I have all 8 in a few shots. Dive 2 we saw one bull who came to check things out from a distance, but only stayed about 2 minutes before leaving. Unfortunately we didn’t see any other sharks on that dive. 

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