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Canon RF16mm F2.8 STM who owns it? Who shoots it underwater?

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Inspired by Massimo and a comment in another thread I would like to gather intelligence for underwater photography in the RF System and point your attention to one of the most unpopular and underestimated wide angle lenses for full frame canon camera bodies:


Canon RF16mm F2.8 STM

is what we talk about.


Lens data available at:



Underwater dome port & travel benefits:

1) very low minimum focus distance of just 13cm

2) minimal weight and size ( just 165 g )

3) very affordable price (less than $300)


some cons / stuff to watch more closely:

1) the lens moves the npp ( entrance pupil ) more than 6mm during focussing

2) has already some vignetting and chromatic aberration topside, which will not disappear when stopping down


Do you shoot it? You like it?

please share your thoughts and test shots in this thread


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I have the 16mm and I use it as a backup lens or when I want something smaller than my other lenses.  As you said - small, light, and "cheap" so if something goes wrong with my other lens then I have a backup. I also really like that I can use zero extension and a 180mm dome for a relatively compact rig.


I have not had any issues with focus or anything else on it...however - I also just don't use it that much.  I keep on meaning too but then I almost always end up putting a different lens on the camera: 8 -15 fish for stills, the 14-35 for video or mixed, and when I am feeling lazy, want to shoot wider open, or want very straight lines - the 24mm macro.


So, I have nothing but good things to say about it even though I almost never use it.  There is no way I would leave it behind for remote shooting though. It is a perfect backup lens and I have been happy with the image I have collected with it. I also will sometimes just take it as my main lens on a hike...it is really small and light.  I will dig up some photos and post them here in the next couple days (they are not on the computer I am on right now).

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