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Basic Rules - Read before You Post

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You've just come back from an underwater trip and you have some great photos and videos that you can't wait to share.

Or you have always dreamed of taking that particular photo, shooting that particular sequence. You have spent so many hours underwater but you are not satisfied with the result and would like to get feedback from other fellow image makers.

Two very good reasons and perhaps not the only ones for posting your work here but, before posting, take a few seconds to read our advice.

One effective approach to receiving valuable feedback and increasing visibility for your work online involves actively engaging with fellow photographers and viewers.

While gaining critique and exposure online can be fulfilling, it also presents challenges. Dealing with feedback and criticism requires an open-minded and humble mindset. Open-mindedness entails being receptive to various opinions, learning from mistakes, and embracing experimentation. Humility involves avoiding arrogance, defensiveness, or rudeness in both receiving and giving feedback. Cultivating these qualities will contribute to your growth as a photographer and as an individual.

Remember to find enjoyment in the process of receiving and giving feedback. Photography is a creative and expressive art form that should bring joy and satisfaction. Use the Waterpixels Photo/Video Showcase Forum as sources of inspiration, education, and connection. Celebrate your accomplishments, value the feedback you receive, and support your fellow photographers. Embrace the journey of improvement and sharing your work online while having fun along the way.

Some technical details about posting you work here:

Although we are not limiting upload sizes, if images are not uploaded with a max 1200px on the longest side, the system will resize for you and discard the original upload. Some compression will occur. 

Recommended that you size your images before upload at 1200px on the longest side with a 72-96 dpi. 

Video is best that you link to a external source... (Ex Youtube or Vimeo)





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