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Hey all, just wanted to clarify how things are working right now. In order to get the store up quickly, we are using the built in store of the forums. Which has its issues but it works pretty good. 

A new store will be implemented in time thou... until then. 

Once Items are added to the cart and you proceed to "Place Order" (No payment will be needed at this time)

Your order will be put in to a holding status. While in this status, we will create the order and calculate the Shipping & Tax/VAT. Once we do that we will update your order in the system (exact shipping & tax/vat from the supplier) and you will get a email and/or a notification here. 

You can then review the order with the added fees, and at that time pay for your order. When we get payment notification, your order will be placed. 

Doing it like this, for global market was the easiest thing to do right now to get you guys the cheapest shipping and to deal with Tax/VAT. 

We are trying to pick products that are available in all facilities globally. So orders ship to you from the closest place also eliminating any import fees etc..... 


Hope this helps clarify the process.. Trying to make it easy.. 


Looking to add more things, plus color options for shirts. Post here your color preferences. We will see globally what we can make happen. 


Thanks everyone



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