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Hi guys,

Good job migrating all this to keep UW imaging alive 🙂

I'm just  an "old guy" now 70 years old been diving over 55 years. I've been through the gamut from Nikonos to housed film SLRs (Nikon and Canon) then digital SLRs for 15 or so years. 

Since 2015 I changed exclusively to compact 1" sensor cameras, mostly the Canon G7X II but also above and below a Sony RX100 VII (which I don't have anymore.)

I've also used my iPhone XR and now 13 PRO Max in a DiveVolk touch screen housing the past 3 years. I did 4 trips using nothing but my iPhone (Maldives, Red Sea, Fiji and Roatan) and enjoyed those trips  for ease of travel and imaging capability. iPhones / smartphones are way more capable than many give credit !!!!

My most recent trip to Raja Ampat, Indonesia in November I used my Canon G7X II and one strobe 95% of the time. Lighting with one small Inon S2000 or a friend's borrowed Inon S220  I now own a couple S220 units. 

I promote people shoot whatever they like but believe many cripple themselves with too much gear, overcomplicated ideas on how to simply get  in focus well exposed photos but as I often state, "Just one old guy's opinion!"  LOL......

My mantra is simplify, simplify, simplify both my diving, shooting UW and traveling 🙂

Have fun and I'm looking forward to the sharing ideas and more here on Watepixels!

David Haas


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