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  • Phil Rudin
    Phil Rudin

    Marelux Apollo S Strobe




    The Marelux Apollo S strobe has begun shipping world wide. The specs include a link to a site where you can purchase the recommended Sony VTC6 18650 batteries. 


    Product Features

    1. Support TTL, RC, HSS,wireless triggering

    2. With a special designed MTL mode, support continuous flashes

    3. With 2 fisheye wireless signal sensor units. Plus one fiber port, sensor coverage 160 °. Wireless trigger supports M, MTL, HSS. (TTL ,RC needs fiber)

    4. GN.ISO 100 : 33 (tested on land)

    5. Scattering angle 110 ° under water

    6. Temp 6200k 

    7. With dome diffuser, scattering angle 120 °, Temp 5500k

    8. Full power recycle time 0.9 second

    9. Max diameter 70mm, length of main body 140mm,full length including knobs 160mm

    10. Weight on land 762 grams (without battery, with ball mount),856 grams with 2x18650 batteries (with ball mount)

    11. Weight in water 210 grams (including 2x18650 batteries, including ball mount)

    12. Battery: 2x18650 lithium batteries(discharging current equal or over 20A).94 grams total

    13. Water proof battery chamber 

    14. Full power flash : around 800 times

    15. Waterproof Depth : 100m

    16. With The Lumilink 2.0 wireless transmitter,synchronize with your camera’s shutter speed up to S1/250.

        In shallow water and strong sunlight, it maintains a reliable connection up to 2 meters.

        In deep water and dim ambient light, the working distance extends to over 10 meters.

        The optical signal for triggering is encrypted, designed to be anti-jam, minimizing interference.

    Certified battery procurement channels https://www.orbtronic.com/sony-vtc6-18650-battery-flat-top




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