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  • Phil Rudin
    Phil Rudin

    Marelux New Soft Lite Snoot

    Marelux has announced the new Soft Lite today. This is a redesign using plastic which drops the weight by 190g over the past Soft Pro line which is now discontinued. I have attached the specs and photos.

    Smart Optical Flash Tube Lite (SOFT Lite) Patented Product

    Product Features

    • Enables to narrow down beam coverage simply by attaching in front of strobe.
    • The aiming light of SOFT-LITE can be changed between red and white.
    • The aiming light of SOFT-LITE XW/XR is only available in one color(white or red),but the brightness of the aiming light is brighter.
    • Adjustable brightness
    • Aiming light delay off time adjustable
    • · Use one 21700 Lithium battery which can support 10 hours of continuous use(SOFT-LITE XW/XR can be used for 4 hours)

    (You can use 18650 battery by using a battery adapter) 

    Product Specs

    • Material:Plastic
    • Length : 155mm
    • Weight : 600g (on land) Neutral buoyancy underwater
    • Waterproof depth : -100m
    • Focal length (in water) : 130mm
    • Light spot adjustable range : 3~50mm


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