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Help needed in taking off a zoom gear

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Hope this is the right lace to ask this question;-)

I got a brand new nauticam housing and with it a zoom gear for the 24-50 lens. I got it on alright although it was quite tight. When I wanted to take it off I’m struggling as it holds very tightly. I took the lens off the body but I’m worried I’ll either break the zoom gear or the lens. 
Does anyone have some ideas on how to take this thing off again? I’m sure I must be doing something wrong as it can’t be so hard to take it off?

any help is much appreciated.


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it won't break just pull it down gently

inside the ring that goes on the lens that are small rubber bits take some off so that it gets looser next time

you can also lubricate the inside of the gear slightly

All gear tend to be super tight at the start

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If it’s a Nauticam gear, it is a 2 piece design.  One side of the bottom piece has a lip.  Make sure you are pushing on the outer gear so it moves away from the lip.  Sounds obvious, but I’ve been guilty of making the mistake.  From there I place the lens on a hard, flat surface and apply equal downward pressure to both sides of the gear, or very slightly rock the gear from side to side until it releases.

I agree that it sounds like there may be too many of the rubber shims holding it too tightly.  On my lenses, I’ve seen 1 or 2 shims is all it takes.  Good luck! 

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