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Zen 230mm and Sony 14mm

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As promised some lovely sink shots of the Sony 14mm and the Zen 230mm dome

While the glass is exactly the same I am not sure that the Zen frame is identical to Nauticam it looks thinner.

I am using 40mm extension here which is more than the 30mm on Nauticam port chart but this could be due to the construction. The extension is correct and verified through exact knowledge of the entrance pupil both 40 and 45mm will work but I do not have 45mm

Either way  the dome does not vignette until 50mm and when it does the problem is on the port opening not on the glass

Shots at f/5.6 f/8 and f/11 at minimum working distance show that performance is well acceptable already at f/8 and very good at f/11.

Unless there is a depth of field issue I see no reason to stop down more and the edge sharpness seems in fact better or match the Nauticam wet optics except WACP-1 that I have not tested

14mm is roughly as wide as Sony 28-60 with a wet optic although the diagonal field of view is less



20240503_MF200039-Enhanced-NR_230mm f-5.6.jpg



20240503_MF200038-Enhanced-NR_230mm f-8.jpg



20240503_MF200037-Enhanced-NR_230mm F-11.jpg

With regards to 180mm dome and 20mm this is clearly better. Compared to 180mm and 30mm extension that vignettes this is marginally better conrfiming that position matters more than the 1cm extra long radius

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