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Video: Freediving under ice in Greenland at amazing icebergs

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i want to share a video from my latest trip to Greenland with you



The professional freediver Anna von Bötticher and I spent a tour in East Greenland and dived unique icebergs. An iceberg was crystal clear and gave a utopian impression underwater. At another iceberg we went into the water right next to a huge iceberg at the narrow gap that is created by the tides. It was great, almost endless visibility and a great atmosphere.


Read more in the Youtube description and watch it till the end, its not 2:22 long!



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44 minutes ago, Davide DB said:

Congratulations Alex!


Beautiful shots and camera movements. The lighting effects are outstanding!


Thank you Davide! It was like someone drilled a hole in the iceberg and put a spotlight in

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Davide DB said:

Tell us more about the logistic.

Do you go there, drill a hole and dive for yourself? 🤣


Safety measures?


Actually thats it, almost.

You need the operator which takes you and the drill to the spot on a skidoo or ATV. And its more convinient if that guy also pulls you out of the water and hold the safety rope too, if you want a safety line.


At the big iceberg we had no hole and no safety line, because the water gap was next to the iceberg. This huge iceberg was not a usual divespot. We did the shot only as long as the freediver was not freezing. If this iceberg had broken or rolled i cant writes these lines. The risk during winter is not that high like in summer, but it exists. Its was a unique opportunity to dive at such a hugh iceberg and Sven from Northern Explorers had the idea. The day before Anna, the freediver, slided through an open water gap next to a small iceberg. Sven thought thats a unique chance to get in the water at the big one too. Anna was on fire - i had my concerns, but she said i HAVE to film her - i couldnt refuse

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20 hours ago, RomiK said:

wow! the 3:15-3:45 shots are epic! just wondering how long were you finding these...👏


thank you! ...but the iceberg in the intro is not bad too 😄

i never saw such an utopic iceberg underwater, believe me i saw a lot.

Its almost perfect shape, the seethrough ice looked like lit - one of a kind!

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