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Which lens for a Canon EOS 5D?

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Are you currently on full frame or crop?


If you're on APS-C with a 60mm then the full frame equivalent for canon would be one of their 100mm macros. 


If you're currently putting the Nikon 60mm on a full frame, then the only one I can think of is the Sigma 70mm macro but I've never seen any report of it being used underwater

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4 hours ago, Kraken de Mabini said:

I photo small to medium size tropical fish, and nudibranchs. 2 cm to about 25-30 cm with a Nikkor 60 micro, and wonder which is the equivalent Canon lens.  Thanks

Your Canon 5D is an FF body with the EF mount.  Unfortunately, Canon never had a good medium macro lens similar to the Nikon 60.  There was a Canon EF 50 f/2.5 macro, but it is discontinued.  Additionally, it was a slower focus.  

The most popular EF uw lenses I have seen were:

 - 16-35 for wide

 - 17-40 for wide at a lower price point

 - 24-70 

 - 100 L f/2.8 macro

 - 8-15 fisheye

 - Sigma 70 macro (possibly, don’t know focus speed)

Here is an article Reef Photo published with some recommendations for the EF system.


It may also be worth while comparing against a newer body/lens as well.  Unless you specifically want FF, there are some solid APS-C body/lens combos as well.  



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The 100mm macro would work nicely for your smaller subjects but you would be a bit distant for the larger subjects.  a 150mm subject you might be about 300mm away from and a 300mm subject you would be close to 900mm away.

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