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Nauticam NA-Z7 Housing Conversion for Nikon Z6/Z7 II


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I though it might be helpful to others if I share my experience in converting my Nauticam NA-Z7 housing to fit the newer Nikon Z6/Z7 II cameras.

I've asked about that Nauticam and few dealers, but seems no one has tried to do it and Nauticam decided to release a newer version (which is expected as housing producer).

After measuring and experimenting with the position of the camera and the original slider I came up with a 3D printed top part of the camera holder/slider.


The original Z6/Z7 is 2mm thinner than the new Z6/Z7 II, but it seems that these extra 2mm on the newer camera are mostly in the back.

So I designed a new 3D printed slider that compensates for the new thickness.

I can confirm that all the buttons work perfect and as you can see on the pictures - they are aligned great to the housing push mechanisms.

One thing to consider is the top right rotating button on the camera. On the housing it has a spring mechanism, but it has around 4mm of travel thus it's also fine and you do not need to remove 2mm from its rubber to compensate.


  1. You need to remove around ~1.3-1.4mm from the top limiter rubber pins of the housing that supports the camera near the flash connector (I've included pictures)
  2. 3D Print the new part for the Camera Holder/Slider (the blue one) - I used FDM print at 50% fill PLC material and it cost me 5€. You can use ABS material as well and/or 80-100% fill which should be stronger, but I doubt it's needed. 
    *) I've also ordered SLS print now (20€) and will post update here if it's necessary better
  3.  Move the metal pin from the old holder to the new 3D printer one (picture included)
  4. Remove the original top part of the camera holder/slider and install the 3D printed one.
  5.  Enjoy and post feedback here! :D


I have spare 2pcs from the initial versions of the new holder. They are not perfect, but can be used without a problem. 

If someone is interested - PM me. (you can see them in the last picture)

Here you can see all the pictures and details of the result:









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After using my converted Nauticam box for several months and discussed the project with few people, I noticed that longer lens like Nikon Z 105mm Macro were a bit off to the top right corner if you look at the setup towards the lens.

I debugged this and figured that the horse shoe on the Z6 and Z6 II camera is of different size.

Fix: You just need to file a bit from the top support bracket's center (see the images).

After that everything will be perfectly aligned exactly as in a original Nauticam Z7II box.







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On 12/13/2023 at 4:18 AM, RichN said:

I confirm I did the conversion as well. Worked really well. 

I actually sourced all the Parts with Naticam so I could return the housing to its original state. But Z7 II worked great.. Thanks again for doing this. 

@svilen its Moodog. 

hi RichN

may I know what parts you had sourced with Nauticam?

I would like the housing to be reversible if it is possible. 

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@nahcnor My experience was that once I printed the plate and took the Supporting block to the grinder. The camera worked perfect and alignment was good. I felt like the buttons to there respectful control button on the outside of the camera felt a slight bit tight. so shaving about 1mm from the black nubs made a huge difference to fix that. I would recommend once you do the supporting bracket and the camera mounting plate see how it feels to you. If there are buttons that feel weird then shave its nub down a little. Do that for any buttons you feel that are "tight". 

Ive dotted the nubs on this pic in yellow. Some pop in some glue. I just got a bag of nubs, so you'll have to hunt for those or use my photo to show your local dealer. 

The only real part I got a number for is the Supporting Block shown below which comes with the nubs and screws. 

Ive converted mine back now because I housed a Z8 and need to sell it but it works perfectly with Z7 again. 

Hope that helps you. 


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12 minutes ago, svilen said:

I've created a Thingiverse for the new Slider Mount.

If admins can edit the initial post and put the link there it would be awecome!



Done! Just check its in the right place. 

It’s easy for you to edit your own posts. Just click the ellipsis in the right hand corner of a post and select Edit. 

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Thanks so much for posting this.  I recently pick up a Nauti Z7V housing for my z6, which I am still learning on (coming from a d90 in an Ikelite housing). I appreciate the tutorial (and part numbers) for the conversion as I would like to pick up a z7ii and use my Z6 as a backup.  

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On 3/9/2024 at 6:53 PM, Moverton said:

Thanks so much for posting this.  I recently pick up a Nauti Z7V housing for my z6, which I am still learning on (coming from a d90 in an Ikelite housing). I appreciate the tutorial (and part numbers) for the conversion as I would like to pick up a z7ii and use my Z6 as a backup.  

Go ahead! The second version of Z7/Z6 has faster auto-focus in my opinion and I prefer it for underwater.

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