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Salams/Hello/Greetings from LIBYA!!!!


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Salams and greetings to all!

I am from and living/diving in Western Libya. I started diving in the mid 70's in Libya and moved to the US in the early 80's and dove in New England, NY/NJ and Florida for over 30 years. I owned a dive center in NY until I decided to go back to live in Libya. I dove all over the Caribbean, Fiji, Micronesia, Mexico, Malaysia, Egypt's Red Sea, UAE, Oman and the southern Mediterranean in Libya. I started taking underwater photos in the mid 90's. I consider myself an "intermediate" level underwater photographer. I have logged well over 5000 dives worldwide and earned instructor and course director/instructor examiner ratings with few international diver training agencies. If I am not teaching diving, I am diving to take pictures. Currently, I am back living and diving in Libya and pretending to go to work as an engineer but I take every opportunity to go diving especially since I live only 5 minutes from good diving in a country with 2000km of mostly virgin beautiful coastline.

Happy to be here and I look forward to meeting and learning from everyone!!






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Hi Burhaneddin, quite an underwater career!

I would love to see some photos of that part so far south-east of the Mediterranean.

I have been passionate about naval history and wrecks for many years. Libya is full of unexplored World War II wrecks. Many Italians sunk during the famous Battle of Convoys.

In that area there are so many angel sharks and rays that have disappeared in other areas.

What a sea! Wild Mediterranean.

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