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Great initiative, guys!


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Well done all you super-experts who got this up and running!  

Am moving over, but keeping my same username.  Have also got records of some of my other posts in case the old threads can't be resurrected but the content might still be useful. 

Shoot WA and Macro on Oly M4/3. 

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On 12/11/2023 at 8:43 PM, TimG said:

Hey Justin

If you have your old posts, feel free to add them here under the relevant thread. We don't think we are going to be able to resurrect threads/posts from "other sites" - sadly. 

HI Tim, 

Thinking about making a crack at this.- an idea to throw out there that might help build the community and engage new members before I bring stuff over.

Wonder if under one of the forum areas we could start a "Getting the best out of your gear" series, that focusses on tips from the community on using specific and popular bits of kit, under their own thread.  Some of the old threads inevitably got into the weeds of other things, like IQ/ merits and demerits of one lens over another etc.  So am wondering if by drawing community experience under one area might help overcome the issue of not being able to pull archived data over, thus rebuilding some of the wealth of advice and experience, but bringing it together more coherently.    

For example:  Subject:  "Getting the best out of your gear"  Thread: "Oly 60mm"  (but with other threads for other kit) could include: 

- How folks have programmed their rigs 

- How to best use zoom gears or whether folks recommend them or not

- Using the CMC / other wet lenses 

- etc. etc... 

Not sure how practical that might be to set up the hierarchy, eg. "Tutorials, How tos, DIY" > "Getting the best out of your gear" > "(thread per lens /etc.)"

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