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Help with Cozumel Dive Op

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I spent several days with Roberta’s Scuba Shack in June 2023.  Roberta, an American from Chicago, has lived in Cozumel for over 20 years and owned the operation about 18 years, if I remember correctly.  It is small, safe, well run, and very friendly.  

They have several small fast boats and a great team.  The large locked storage area has room to hang wetsuits as well as your own individual locked storage bin for smaller gear.  I really liked this feature!  They have tanks on property, including nitrox if desired, and rental equipment if needed.  About 80% of their business is repeat, with some of their clients simply leaving their gear in the storage area year around.  

They handled my camera well both on the boat and before/after.  There were several other photogs on all my dives.


They are located near the Intl cruise pier which makes it central to reach all the popular dive sites in a short time.  I also found their communication before I arrived in Coz to be terrific.  That’s the main reason I initially booked with them.  She also owns a small hotel on-site, if interested.  They are now my go-to operation!




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I have not been to Coz for several years, but used Jeremy Anschel  (Living Underwater).  He would come to hotel to pick up gear, rinse and store it each day.  His boat is a small 8 person max boat, fast enough to get to the distant sites.  He is or was also one of the operators that would pick up at the small pier in town.  Surface intervals on the beach or at a beach club.


Has a camera rinse tank built into the boat.

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My most recent trip to Cozumel was early December 2023. You can see photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/8459071@N08/albums . Lot of coral bleaching and SCD but still had some good dives. Dive sites are limited by park service and vary each week to reduce impact since coral beaching became significant.


I have dove with a number of organizations over the years but for the last 6 years or so I have been diving with Tres Pellicanos (https://trespelicanos.com/). 3 relatively small fast boats (third boat just added), good dive guides, know photographers likely to end up separate from group, etc. They will store your gear and take it to the boat except for regulator and mask which they started requiring you keep after Covid started. You meet at shop in the morning and they take you to the marina in a van or cab. Since I usually stay within 2-4 blocks of the San Migel square this is convenient for me.

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I use Bottom Time Divers (Raul) and have known the DM/owner for about 25 years.  He is familiar with cameras having had to put up with me and mine among others.  If you use him make sure to let him know what lens you are using i.e. macro, "normal" or WA/fisheye.  He will know what to point out.  Btw, if you use a macro lens, you will definitely see eagle rays.

He will wash you gear including wetsuit.  Snacks and water are provided.  His boat is at the Fonatur marina.

I assume by "store dive gear" you mean overnight and you are not leaving it for long term storage.

Basically he is what is called a boutique dive op.  https://bottomtimedivers.net/


Personally I stay away from ops that don't have their boat since they contract other companies boats and you may be diving with separate groups leading to separate water pickups as you will have a your own group and DM.


Yes, Living underwater is good too.  I know Jeremy, have dived with him and Raul is friends with Jeremy.  They have both been around here a long time.

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