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  • Phil Rudin
    Phil Rudin

    Marelux Apollo III/III 2.0 MTL feature

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    I have been ask several times about what the MTL mode is on the Apollo III/III 2.0 strobes and have attached some real world examples. MTL is the continuous shooting mode up to 10 frames a second using fiber optic cords. The attached five images were taken with the Sony A7R V set to five FPS, at ISO-400, F/9 at 1/160th sec using the Laowa AF 10mm F/2.8 with the Marelux housing, 230mm dome and two Apollo III strobes with fiber cords. The time stamp for all five photos is April 17, 2024 at 12:21:46PM. All five during the 46th second. At 5 FPS you can shoot from power levels #1 to #9. At power levels #10 and #11 it drops to 4 FPS and at #12 the highest setting it goes to 2 FPS.
    Using UW Technic flash trigger.






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