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Thoughts on the Nauticam housing for the Canon R50?

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I'm interested in using Nauticam wet lenses with the Sony full-frame gear I already own (I just need the housing), but I also looked into Nauticam's Canon R50 setup.  With a fixed flat port, it looks like you'd really want to use it with additional wet lenses.  The potential appeal to me is that I suspect the Canon R50's autofocus will be better than my A7Riii.


Does anyone have experience or thoughts on the Nauticam Canon R50 setup?

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I own this set up and also have the nauticam wide angle lens

nauticam cmc and  smc attached by bayonet

very happy with it, that being said not being able to change  ports could be an issue for some(not me)

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Can I ask you a bunch of questions about it?


  1. You're able to raise and lower the pop up flash, right?
  2. How is the autofocus with your additional lenses?  For context, I'm diving in pretty green cold water, but could use a focus light if needed.  My wish is to use this with the WWL and MWL, primarily for static reef scenes.
  3. How is battery life using the flash?
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Yes the flash pops up

l have no issues with the autofocus and much faster than the olympus epl10 i previously had

i usually do a single dive of about 1;45 minutes in shallow water and never had an issue

that being said i really dont ask 4 much

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