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Another hello from France


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Hello waterpixelers,

I'm Luko/Ludovic/Ludo from Paris/France currently writing my intro from Tulamben/Bali, my usual playground for macro a few times per year.

Even though not a "regular of the pub" I kept the same nickname as the one "on the other board" (and ALL the other boards where you might find me).

I have been diving since a tad more than 30 years, mostly if not exclusively in tropical waters, mostly in SEA. I used to practice film photography even before that, therefore I found the urge to have an UW camera in hand a year after I was certified firstly hired a Nikonos V whenever I could (was too expensive in the days), flooded some, then bought the first Oly digital compacts 4Mp, flooded some, then Canon digital dSLRs, flooded some with different housing brands, and since end of last year I haven't yet had the time to flood my latest R7 Canon in a Nauticam housing + addon wetlenses. I'm using Retra strobes -the original ones- as well, I'm looking to change them for another brand.

My main interests in UW photo are mostly macro critters where I modestly try to perform my best and use various techniques (except for - god forbids- ... colored lights), I have the utmost respect for wide angle/big animal photographers but I feel it's too complicated for me to master everything.  Hence I try, and I try, and I try but I can't get no... (hey hey hey)  

Other than that I think i'm more of a photographer than a diver, and may be more a traveler than a photographer.

Sorry if I'm not a compulsive writer nor an hyperactive member, I generally don't discuss techniques or tools unless I have myself a technical problem to solve, though I find it is often very interesting to reading these discussions. You might find me more in the bio or the travel sections (esp. if it concerns Indonesian/Philippines destinations).

Thanks for reading.


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