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Another UK diver - up in the Highlands

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I'm a vintage diver who is rekindling an interest in UW photography, influenced by my son.  First camera was an Olympus Trip in a housing made by a UK company, Birchley Products, bought for an overland trip to Egypt in my final university year.

Then through Nikonos III & V, until my interest petered out about 25 years ago.

More recently, my son learned to dive and became interested in UW photography.

So, rather on the cheap, we both have housed Olympus Pen cameras and are getting to grips with a rather motley assortment of lenses & ports.

At the moment, my main contribution could be information on UK dive sites, especially north of the border.


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Hi Davide


I've been diving in the extreme NW of Scotland for 30+ years - Kinlochbervie, just south of Cape Wrath.  Mainly summer diving, water temp around 13c and mainly exploratory diving - rare to see other divers. There's one commercial dive boat locally.


I've had a house there for 25+ years with compressor & RIB - mainly dive with ex-university friends.  But my son is now at university and hopes to bring his club up this summer, so the next generation.


Visibility is good to excellent.  Plenty of encrusted life in exposed sites.  And fabulous scenery above water.


I think Alex Mustard ran a course a couple of years back on the local boat.


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