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anyone tried the sony 28-60 on a nikon z body using a megadap converter

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I am getting new gear and one of the things I will go for is the new water optics from Nauticam. Now, I will be going with a Z8 and the natural way to use those water optics is the use of z 24-50. Today, I stumbled over an article saying how well Sony lenses were working on Z cameras using the latest megadap converter. So, now I wondering whether using this combo over the native 24-50 lens might be the better way forward.

Any insight, knowledge, wisdom and experience is most welcome.😇

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will answer my own question here as I did receive an answer from Nauticam. 

This is their answer. Will also post in the FCP related branch


From the test we did internally, the result has been consistent that the lens quality is better with original lens and camera brands. In this case, we definitely recommend to go with the RF24-50 with Z8 to get the most out of the camera sensor and FCP.

We will keep working on suggesting Nikon Tokyo for similar standard zooms like the 28-60 or 28-70mm.


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The fact remains that in the Edward Lai interview from the Boot Show he is very clear that as a result of Nauticam's testing so far the Sony FE 28-60 is the best possible choice for the FCP-1 on full frame. While a Nikon-Z 28-60 would be a great addition to the line the Z 24-50mm (not RF 24-60) seems to be the best choice for Z-cameras even though it does not allow full zoom through.

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