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wet lens thread stuck on flip holder

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Another approach is to soak it in vinegar/water for a day or two to soften and dissolve the hard water deposits of calcium-magnesium-aluminium gunk. Then use penetrating oll, allow it to soak in overnight to lubricate the screw threads, followed by trying to unscrew it with one or two strap wrenches.

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In case you're still stuck, try some heat or cold treatment.


I had a similar issue with a Inon snoot some time back.  Two step up rings with fine threads were hopelessly locked together.  Tried a strap wrench alone and with penetrating oil, but no luck.  Finally put both pieces in the freezer for a bit and then put the strap wrench on it again.  They finally came unstuck.  I guess cold shrunk the pieces enough to permit movement.


Mild heat would do the reverse.  Maybe a few cycles of cold/heat might generate enough expansion/contraction to break free any oxidation.


Hope it helps.

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On 4/25/2024 at 9:25 PM, christophe chellapermal said:

Hey everyone i own a nauticam lens i cant seem to unscrew from my flip holder i assume theres been some aluminium oxydation.. would anyone have any tip to help me ?


Thank you 



Agree with all the above suggestions. I typically unscrew the lenses after diving and rinsing just to prevent that.

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