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Hello from Norway

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I've been shooting a D7200 for many in ikelite housing, but got tired of fighting with buttons and switches, so took the plunge into nauticam housing and upgraded to z8. 


I am diving around Stavanger, south-west coast. I am currently enjoying a 60mm, diopter and MWL combo and tend to prefer macro/60mm. MWL did save me though, when out of the blue a white whale dropped by, on a night dive.. My buddy with his macro setup was not too happy 🤣 .. Looking in to maybe aquiring EWML and also a better WA setup.


I work to dive, as a friend of mine said (or stole it from somewhere, who knows 😉 ) I Also enjoy some DIYing, when it is productive. Have made some own ports, strobe gear, magnetic stuff, DPV camera mount etc.. I would rather dive than hang around in fusion 360 though 🙂

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Hi Hans! A warm welcome to Waterpixels. Great to have you with us. We hope you really enjoy the forum. 

Diving around Stavanger? Sounds chilly! 

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Heated west - bah humbug...


All we need is a good subject now and then - never cold as long as there is something to photograph.



the buddy with 90mm

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I think you guys are built with some form of thermal insulation. I'm cold if the water drops below 28 degrees. And, yes, that would be centigrade.

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