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John Dory

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After my last trip to Bali where I took a huge bunch of pictures, back home to the Mediterranean it's sometimes a but heartbraking due to the lack of life comparing to other seas. But here we also have some beautiful creatures to take pictures.




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2 hours ago, Ido said:

Stunning pic. Like a creature from the deep

I can't see the first pic. Probably because it is in Raw format

Thankcyour very much, it's my fault taht you can't see the first pic. It's the same one, but I made a mistake and I first uploaded the tiff version which is 70 MB. So I deleted it and uploaded the Jpeg low quality version for internet..

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On 1/27/2024 at 10:30 PM, wetdreams said:

Love the picture Simón... where did you take it???

 They are not very common in Costa Blanca area...


Thank you very much !! The picture was taken in Ibiza, there was a time years ago that was quite common to sea the John Dory's throw the island, after that I have been a lot of years of not seeing nor a single one. And suddenly this year we have had two months of see them almost in every dive.

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